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Updated: Jul 7, 2023

the light movement - Earth

The Light Movement - Manifestation

How do you manifest your environment?

You do it by just knowing that, as you make your personal shifts, your environment has no choice but to be.

Because as you grow and enlighten, The Law of Attraction, will bring to you, more of what your energy is.

And what is this?

It is what you say and think and feel. Mindfulness helps you stay aligned for what you are wanting.

So, what is the level of your consciousness manifesting in your future?

YOU are the key for allowing it, or stopping it.

YOU create the abundance in your life, or lack there of.

Believe in yourself, not what someone else thinks of you.


Everyone is living a human experience, fit to their own soul purpose.

Your environment, home, relationships, jobs, and so on, are vibrationally attracted to you, by you.

Want happiness in life, be happy.

Want order in life, release what doesn't serve your path.

The human life has been conditioned and confined to their societal beliefs.

This shuts you off from your soul, from your higher - self, and from knowing the reasoning, for your existence.

Releasing your social conditioning, will allow you to get to know who YOU truly are.

Who are you, without being told who you should be?

This is the question that triggers your awakening and self-awareness. Your truth is within.

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The light movement Earth

How do we build the life we desire?

By releasing social conditioning.

Our human experience is a playground of perceptions.

Your social conditioning becomes the belief system, that your life becomes.

The co-creation of this planet through, our social conditioned beliefs, are feeding the existence of the 1%, that are running the planet.

In other words, the fears taught to us, keep us in a disconnect from our true selves, and this creates the dis-harmony in our human experience.

Releasing your social conditioning corrects this dis-harmony and allows us to reconstruct our human experience based on who we truly are, rather than based on who and what society has told us we are and must be.

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

"The universe doesn't hear what you say, the universe hears what you feel."

Abraham Hicks

The Light Movement - Earth


Because your feelings, are your vibration. This is a constant manifestation.

What frequency are you emitting?

Why is this important?

These questions are important because, the foundation of everything is Energy.

Energy is a relationship of vibrations and frequencies.

You have co-created everything in your environment, by how you feel about it.

The energy of what you believe, is what you attract & manifest in your life.

How do you shift your perceptions, of what you are experiencing in your environment?

You do it by releasing limiting beliefs.

Your social conditioning is where you become cut off from your true identity.

The truth of who you are and your purpose for being, is in your healing.

Healing is releasing all that doesn't serve you.

This means letting go of resistance, for your healing.

No other human owns you, you own yourself.

You incarnated here to play a role of Ascension, for the good of the whole.

Your light source, your soul, has come from other galaxies, in the purpose of growing this planet.

The knowledge of your soul source is imbedded into your light body DNA.

The low frequencies of the earths 3rd density, keep you in a state of amnesia.

When awakened to your Akashic memory, your human experience begins to make sense.

Your willingness to know your truth, will set you free. Your sense of freedom is the unconditional loveliness of the God within.

God is a collective co-creative process.

God is the energy of peace.

God is not one person.

God is the spark of the Divine Light that is your Soul.

This energy of Love Light is the entire reason for your existence and that of this Planet, the Universe and the entire Galactic system. This energy is called Life, and Life will always find a way to expand, for its survival.

Now, apply this to yourself.

Are you experiencing stagnation?

Or expansion?

This is up to you.

Your truth is in your healing.

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